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An LSB series high-temperature vitriol pump adopt excellent water power models whose performance is stable, high efficiency and saving power.

With national advanced anti-corrosive materials, the pump parts where liquids pass through are made of XY-21 and XY-31 alloys. The other parts are made of special anti-corrosive casting iron, which makes pump life longer.

The pump widely absorbed the advantages of national and international structure design of vitriol pumps, and has the extended length of its suction pipe, which advances the rigidity of the multi-cell pump, as well as the pump operating level and reliability.

A Remy yielding LSB series high-temperature vitriol pump is high-standard, high-universal, changeable, as well as easy to assemble, disassemble and repairable.

II. Performance Parameter Range for High-temperature Vitriol Pump

Capacity: Q=10~800M3/h

Head: H=15-50m


t<125℃ (98% H2SO4)

t<80℃ (93% H2SO4)

For t<125℃ (density lower than 98%), the IMRC-7special alloy can be used.