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Description of Product

WQ type non-block submersible pump consists of motor and pump, that are separated through oil isolation room and mechanical seal, it's short length that motor and pump share exactly the same axle (rotor), the dwelling is compact.

Structure Features

1. Signal line: For motor power above 11kw, we recommend pump outfitted with control box, which may safeguard the pump fully from leakage, phase reversal, short circuit, overheated, overload,  etc.

2. Motor stator: Its insulation is B grade or F grade.

3. Water leakage probe. This component is set up in the oil room, when the mechanical seal was broken, and water goes into the oil room, it'll distribute the signal towards the control system in order to steer clear of the pump.

4. Mechanical seal: Adopting in-series seal, the fabric may be the put on-fighting off carbonization tungsten, featuring being reliable, put on-fighting off, longer existence, etc.

5. Impeller: Have better handling capacity, can help to eliminate the problem of jamming and twisting of massive fiber rubbish, etc.

6. Pump body: Harmonize with the impeller, make sure the pump has high quality.

7. Seal rings: Installed in the mouth host to pump body, can alter the sealed ring after lengthy time operating, in order to make sure the pump runs using the best efficiency.


1. Adopt big flow non-clog design, improving the opportunity to pass dirty things greatly.

2. The look is rational, rich in efficiency, and also the energy-saving is outstanding.

3. Adopts in series mechanical seal, the fabric may be the put on-fighting off carbonization tungsten, featuring being durable, put on-fighting off, can running in excess of 8000 hrs continuously securely.

4. The dwelling from the pump is compact, small, may move easily, installation is straightforward and convenient, it's submerged into the water, you don't need to build the pump house, reduce construction cost greatly.

5. There's probe within the oil room from the pump, when the pump side mechanical seal is broken and water enter the oil room, it might produce signals in order to safeguard the pump.

6. Could be outfitted with control box based on the requirements of users, it'll safeguard the pump from electric leakage, water leakage, overload and overheated, etc. Ensure the pump operates reliably and securely.

7. The automated coupling installation system of 1 set of guides, it's convenient for that installation and upkeep of the pump, you don't need to enter the sewage hole.

8. The float switch, based on the necessary level altering. Control the stop and start from the pump instantly, no people required to guard it.

9. Based on use situation, the motor can adopt water jacket the-3rd party circulation air conditioning type, which could ensure the safe operation from the pump underneath the anhydrous (dry type) condition.

10. Installation could be fixed automatic coupling installation or non-fixed portable installation, which could satisfy different occasions.

Working Conditions

1. Temperature 0f medium not exceeding 60℃, gravity 1.~1.3 kg/dm3, and pH value between 5~9.

2. For pump without internal gravity flow circulation air conditioning, its motor above the liquid surface by under 1/3.

3. Generally, pumps will be working within the plethora of mind to safeguard the motor from overloading. To operate in the full mind. Please specify when putting in an order for the convenience of manufacturing.

4. The present of motor along the way of operation shall not exceed the rated current of the motor.


This number of pumps mostly are utilized in municipal engineering, structures, industrial sewage discharge, sewage treatment in ecological protection, factories and mines to provide sewage, wastewater and rainwater, etc, that contains solid substances and lengthy fibers. Stainless could also be used to provide corrosive medium.