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WFB Non Seal Self Operated Self-priming Pump

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Flow Rate Q:0.75~685m3/h

Head H:4~130m

Speed N:1450~2900r/min

Caliber: Φ15~Φ800

Temp Range T:-40~+180℃

Service Pressure P: Max 1.6Mpa

Material: cast iron

Product overview

The WFB Non Seal Self Operated Self-priming Pump in absorbs the advanced experience of domestic and foreign related products, based on the improved, innovative products, is a traditional replacement of the same kind of domestic products. The product has the advantages of durability, pressure resistance, wear-resisting, "first drainage, permanent self-absorption" etc. The products are cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, reinforced polypropylene. Various specifications of various forms. This product has the function of high efficiency, energy saving and structure. After the product launches the market, with its unique design, the reliable quality is popular with the general user's welcome and favorable comment, is chosen by many units to replace the import product.